Guess what my pretty Mommy
It has been a whole long year
Sense I wrote you a poem
To tell you I appreciate you

This year has been so much fun
With so many kisses and hugs
Millions of tickles and giggles
While counting my toes one by one

Learning some of Godís pretty colors
Wed, bloo, and the color wrange
Other colors like the color wellow
Canít forget the pretty color gen

Helping me to learn how to talk
Now I can say many things
Like how much I wuv you
Plus a bunch of funny things

You taught me how to walk, play and run
Specially outside in the sun
People would be so surprised
At what you have taught me to do

Thank you for teaching me
What is right and what is wrong
I guess Mommy that seems to rhyme
Maybe we could make it a song

I remember our first Motherís Day
I thanked God for you, Mommy
Whoever in this world would have thought
This year together has been so much fun

Happy Motherís Day
I wuv you

Poem from Ariana
For my Mommy

© Great Granny

Music: A Whole New World

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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