Music is the love of the Lord and,
I proclaim His Name on High,
It is He who has given music,
To sing Praise to Glorify.

I sing and play songs with all my heart,
To release my emotion,
My deep heartfelt feelings of love to,
He who has my devotion.

Music is a beautiful response,
And release to loving pleas,
It's my love my praise for God in song,
Making my heart feel at ease.

I Praise God joyfully lovingly,
Sing spiritual melodies,
Play a violin sweetly and a,
Piano always to please.

Expressing emotions through music,
Especially to my Lord,
Is one way I honor and love He,
Who loves me as His adored.

In the Bible music expresses,
Joy and Praise and Thanksgiving,
Overflowing in each circumstance,
We have in daily living.

Music is a beauty of the Lord,
And He can hear my heart sing,
For it is He who gives me a song,
Allowing my love to cling.

The angels sing and all of us sing,
And there will come a day when He,
Will sing Praise in the midst of us all,
In Heaven's Eternity.

My heart holds a love song for my Lord,
He's the music in my soul,
Giving me a calm and trust in He,
Whose Love truly keeps me whole.

Music expresses my emotions,
With love in celebration,
For the Creator of sweet music,
Giving me sweet jubilation.

Sondra McPherson
28 February 2008








Music: "He"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission