I'm no longer with you, but
Your baby girl I will always be
I was born special
Then God set me free

You were young and in love
Making choices, not so wise
Couldn’t you hear me
With all my cries

Yes, you were so very young
When I was conceived
When God took me home
We both were relieved

You could not care for me
God knew this from the start
I had your addictions
Plus a defective heart

Your love for me was strong
When I left, you collapsed
I heard you promise God
Not to have another relapse

Mommy, I'll never understand
How a momentary thrill
Meant more to you than me
Your precious little girl

I forgive you and love you
My mommy you will always be
But to be honest, I was elated
When God came for me

©Delilah M. (Dede) Haas


Music: "Where Could I Go"

Used With Permission


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