I sit beneath the tree,
That throws soft shadows,
Upon your lonely grave,
Facing the pretty meadows.

I talk to you as though,
You were sitting beside me,
Like we use to do so many times,
How I long this to once again be.

How I wish I could kiss your cheek,
Hear the softness of your voice,
The gentle sound of your laughter,
In these things I would rejoice.

The years have been empty,
Since you left for Heaven's way,
But I know I will see you again,
A splendid reunion it will be that day.

We will walk with Angels,
Upon streets paved with gold,
Peace everlasting to enjoy,
No heartaches to behold.

Family and friends will gather,
At the banquet table spread,
We will sit with the Master,
And with the Lord break bread.

There I will again sit with you,
I can touch your beautiful face,
Tell you how much I love you,
Give you a belated embrace.

I send Motherís Day wishes,
Upon Angel wings on high,
They carry to you my love,
Drawing our spirits nigh.

Happy Mother's Day My Darling Mother

Gayle Davis©
April 15, 2008





Music: "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"

Used With Permission

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