My home was too quiet.
I was alone with time on my hands,
I knew I needed companionship,
I wanted someone who understands.

I remembered, someone had mentioned
The Humane Society to me.
I decided to visit and look around
After all window-shopping is free.

While walking down the corridor of cages
With eyes looking straight at me.
Was this puppy jumping and barking
I knew he had been waiting just for me.

When I took him in my arms
He snuggled up close to me,
I knew I had to give him a home
Good friends we were going be.

Mister has been with me many years now.
He watches over me, always at my side,
He delights in making me happy
With him I can share and confide.

He became my best friend.
The companion I needed so,
We spend many hours together
He and I are always on the go.

Mister has added a dimension to my life
He's a friend so faithful and true,
In return I shower him with love
Giving him a home I will gladly do.

Shirley Oremland Smith



Graphics & Background tiles Nightfire Graphics

Music: "I Finally Found Someone"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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