Fingers long and slender
brushed each strand of hair
warm hugs gave a healing
with tender loving care

Hands were rugged, calloused
yet, had a gentle touch
strong arms
were a safety net
when life became...
too much

Molded family values
Daddy's faith was strong
praise 'n love were golden
created concrete bonds

To him I was an Angel
his special...
blooming rose
soft nighty nights
still linger...
when day draws
to a close

Old 'n gray with wrinkles
my hero...
frail 'n weak
veil of death...
eyes vacant...
last time you spoke
to me....
scattered thoughts
in minds recall
as I heard you whisper
my name...
heart 'n soul
played hopscotch
with laughter...
childhood games

Thinking 'bout you Daddy
paints pictures in my mind
carousels and rainbows
of yesteryears...
long gone

Still I sense a presence
when lonely tears
your gentleness
was stainless...
can never be replaced

When my days are over
comes time to meet with fate
take my hand
'n lead me...
past the Heaven's Gate

Just beyond the rainbow
Daddy wait for me
'cross the blue horizon
we'll fly free

Til then,
I will remember
each precious memory
wrap myself
in heart prints
you left behind...
for me

Rose Marie Streeter


Artwork: courtesy of Broderbund

Music: "Daddy's Little Girl"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission


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