Come on and meet me,
Down at the local Hop,
Where the kids gather,
For a malt or soda pop.

Black and white Oxfords,
Or Penny Loafer shoes,
Poodle Skirts and Bobby socks,
Catch up on the latest news.

Boys in duck tail hair styles,
Shirt sleeves rolled up tight,
We'll spend the evening there,
And dance into the night.

The twist and the Bop,
Call to us each day,
The juke box plays a tune,
Ah, Life in a simple way.

Greasy burgers and fries,
Root Beer floats to share,
Hanging out at the Hop,
Nothing can compare.

Slow dancing, night wanes,
Eyes locked and hands held,
Boy meets girl another day,
And teenager's hearts meld.

Come meet me at the Hop,
The most popular place to be,
Where boys and girls fall in love,
And dreams become reality.

Gayle Davisİ
19 May 2008



Top image of the girl is from Susans Treasure Chest Unlimited

Music "Sh-boom"

Sequenced By: Frank DiGiovannangelo
Used With Permission

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