Fog is covering the boughs of the hedge apple tree,
And is shrouding the cedars 'til they can't see.
It rained last night, the first rain in months,
And it was nice to see rain, not snow for once.

The creek is running full, muddy and fast
Knowing the long, hard winter is finally past.
The birds are returning, I can hear them sing,
Polishing their nests, getting ready for Spring.

Each year we think Winter will never end.
We think that lovely Spring won't come again.
But then, so subtly, so serene, and so still,
We suddenly see the snow thawing off the hills.

And each year we are seeing God's promise to all.
That Winter will be Spring, Summer be Fall.
That is happening, I hear the earth ring
With the wonderful noise, the music, that is Spring!

Jane Ellen SloneŠ
Revised 2/29/08




Music: "In An Austrian Meadow"

Used With Permission

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