You're coming back soon
It may be morning  night or noon
A sign will appear in the Eastern sky
We'll see You coming from on High

The coming of our Lord is near!
Soon He shall appear,
Yonder in the Eastern sky!
Oh, there shall be a joyful sound,
As our loved ones shall come forth from the ground,
To meet Jesus with a mighty triumphant cry!

Then, we who are alive shall be caught up in the air,
To meet Jesus and our loved ones there!
Together we will leave for Heaven’s shore!
With this world left far behind,
True happiness and peace we will find!
There we won’t have to worry any more!

Because we have faithfully walked this way called “Straight,”
We shall gain entrance through the Eastern Gate!
Untold splendors await us in Heaven fair!
There we will never grow old,
As we watch eternity unfold,
In a mansion Jesus has gone to prepare!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008




Jesus tube from McHooii2

Music: "Journey To Your Presence"

Words and Music
Siregar, Gentry and Holder
Copyright © March 2003
Used With Permission

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