Beautiful vibrant colors of Spring,
They're so lovely to behold,
I well imagine sweet violets,
Daisies and dogwood unfold.

Oh that which above all others yields,
The sweetest smell in the air,
Is the violet of romance with,
Celebrations sweet we share.

And how we give our hearts most of all,
Sending beloved wishes sweet,
Filling in all the honey in life,
As lovely flowers complete.

When life casts a shadow at times let,
He who loves us show the way,
To hand over one sweet little thought,
For He may yield His bouquet.

Yes I so long to smell the sweetness,
To see God's beauty of Spring,
All the lovely flowers in array,
When love in the air will sing.

To give heavenly fragrance in cold,
Winter's bright snow purity,
I must see God's flowers bloom sensing,

Feasting my eyes upon God's beauty,
Whispers of His Love blessing,
Me every where I look for He is,
Right there with me caressing.

In a valley, truly God's garden,
Are lovely sweet violets,
Bright yellow daisies, soft pink dogwood,
And honeysuckle eyelets.

Oh they spin their glory beauteous,
God's flowers are fields of gold,
How they glow bestowing sweet fragrance,
They're so lovely to behold.

* So Preciously Inspired By Melva *

Sondra McPherson
08 March 2008




Music: "Shenandoah"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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