Blessed Lord I praise You each morning,
I look unto a new day as the sun arises,
Thankful for the ability to see the beauty,
Created by Your hands and my soul cries.

I praise You precious Jesus,
For the rain that falls upon the flowers,
Giving life to each plant that thirst,
Their growth Your love empowers.

Lord, I praise You with all of my heart,
You created and molded from the dust,
This human body and breathed life into me,
My future to You I completely entrust.

You are the very air that I breathe,
Each beat of my heart You give life anew,
Pouring strength into a needed reservoir,
Fill my needs, fixing that gone askew.

The burdens that weigh down upon me,
You lift allowing me to continue my day,
I praise Your patience and understanding,
But most of all Your love sent my way.

I praise You Dear Savior for the quality of life,
I enjoy as I go about my daily routine,
Sometimes I falter and fail You Lord,
Yet with great love, You sweep my soul clean.

Beneath Your hands I walk each step,
Covered by Your Mighty shield of Love,
Led by You here on Earth toward,
A Divine and Glorious home above.

Gayle Davis©
27 April 2008




Art is by Lord Frederick Leighton

Music: "Your Love Surrounds Me"

By Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Copyright © 2004 Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission

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