I like a lazy day so I can sit and sun,
All alone in my old oak chair.
I find a lot of comfort,
While I'm just sitting there.

I can watch the ripple of the waves,
As the wind blows to and fro,
And I can think of all those things,
Of many years ago.

I like to watch the ducks and geese,
As they land on that old pond,
I've lived on this farm land for many years,
Of which I've grown so fond.

I have the time now as I live alone,
With my memories of all those years.
I've worked hard and raised my family,
And yes, I've shed some tears.

But there is something about my life,
I wouldn't change at all.
The joy of seeing my kids come home,
Usually in the Fall.

They have their lives and families,
They come as often as they can.
But I don't think it's right for me,
To interfere with all their plans.

It's getting a little late now,
The sun is setting low,
Better head for the house I guess,
And watch the late, late show.

Faye Reyenga © 3 / 13 / 2008



Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Music: "Sunshine on my Shoulders"

Used With Permission

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