When life seems to be a fight,
Just kneel and pray.
God hears our prayers.
As you search for peace and grace,
Live one day at a time and trust that,
God will make every thing right.

Every heartache, loss and defeat,
Teaches us a lesson not soon forgotten,
Our Heavenly Father is making us,
Stronger for the trials ahead,
So when you are troubled and broken hearted,
Take them to our Heavenly Father in retreat.

No problems are too great for our Father.
He can solve them all, on Him you can depend.
He gave His all for us; there is no other love so great.
So kneel and pray ask God to give you the grace,
To accept what you cannot change it may be a year,
When it seems so near.

God is right there with you guiding,
You through the rough times as well as the best,
So count your many Blessings.
You are a gift from our Father above.
He sends down His sweet love.
Just kneel and pray, Let “God” do the rest.

© Judy Knight
May 05, 2008





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Music: "Music Of The Night"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission