We did the washing yesterday,
So today is ironing day.
We iron everything we wash,
It makes them soft someway.

We fired up the charcoal bucket.
Charcoal was hard to beat.
We used the cook stove or fireplace
For four or more irons to heat.

We had to be really careful
And make sure the iron was clean.
Not too hot or not too cold,
All these things were routine.

We could end up scorching our clothes,
Or even burning a hole.
We could make a mess of our clothes,
And make them look like peepholes.

A quilt was used on the table,
This was the ironing quilt.
It was covered with a folded sheet,
Smoothed so the iron would not tilt.

My Grandma and my Mother taught me,
The way to iron out crinkles.
They taught me how to turn the clothes,
So as not to iron in wrinkles.

We used one iron until it was too cold.
Then changed to another one.
This we did over and over again,
Until all the ironing was done.

It was hard ironing all day long.
It was hot in the Summer time.
Could even get hot in the Winter.
Standing over a hot iron sometimes.

We did not have wash and wear clothes.
We had no fabric softeners,
So therefore we ironed everything.
Ironing was our fabric softener.

When the ironing was all finished,
We could rest for a little while.
Sit down in a comfortable chair,
Take a deep breath and smile.

İCodell Reed Donehoo

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Music: "Happy As Can Be"

Original Songs by MidiSandyİ
copyrighted" By: İSandra Bradley
Used With Permission

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