You can spend a lifetime
and never ever find it
Some will say they love you
and not mean it one bit

Some play with your feelings,
trying to lead you astray
So, if you are real smart,
you will turn them away

Real love comes with respect,
honesty, prayer and perseverance
Many good attributes that
should come from your parents

When you find true love,
hang on with all your heart
Give all the patience you have
and pray you'll never part

Ask God for guidance daily
to overcome all the obstacles
Keeping them away will
make for many good days

With love comes diligence because
marriage is a lot of hard work
You'll need courage to keep going,
your duty you cannot shirk

God will give you the endurance
you need day by day
Just keep your faith strong
so your marriage won't go wrong

With Godliness, you can't fail,
stay with God on His direct path
If you stray He will forgive you
and you'll by-pass much wrath

By following in God's ways
you will find joy and happiness
Honor your loved ones and
you will receive God's blessings

Be ever so humble and kind and
your life will take on a new peace
Be sincere with your loved ones
and God will give you release

Read God's word daily
and save Sunday for Him
You will be daily rejoicing and
your life will overflow it's brim

You wanted more contentment
well, you should have it now
God has to always be your leader
He will guide and show you how

With God at the helm
you can always have hope
Then you'll never hear your spouse
say, *I'm at the end of my rope!*

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas©









Graphics & Background tiles © Nightfire Graphics

Music: "One Day At A Time"
Sequenced By: David Larch©
Used With Permission

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