You went to your Heavenly Home
on Sunday September 7th.1975,
I can still see your lovely face and
smile. God picked an angel when
He picked you. A Mother loves her
children, Like God loves His children.

Thank you God for allowing me
to love and care for him for 15
years, you gave him to me for a
short time. Then you took him home
to be with you in Heaven for eternity.

You will always be in my heart, I loved
you so, But I guess God needed you worse,
We are not promised a tomorrow, I will always
be thankful, for the little while you were here
on earth.

I love you and miss you so very much. A Mother's
love is never ending, Some day I will be with you,
when my Heavenly Father calls me home to live
for eternity, to a place we can only dream of a place
we should all call Home with God's angels.

I pray that all our family will be together one day in
our Heavenly Home with our Lord, a paradise of
purest gold for all eternity with our Father.
What a great day that will be, Home at last.

©Judy Knight
February 4, 2008