I'll never come to understand where,
A love's beauty disappears,
For without warning it just left me,
To live now in only tears.

Oh once there was love so beautiful,
And my soul weeps for those days,
Gone is our flowering love so sweet,
Still I will love you always.

Love shouldn't hurt not ever like this,
I hardly know what to do,
Without you I'm alone by myself,
With heart aches longing for you.

Tears fall without any reason now,
Wherever are the flowers,
The shining stars the bright moonlight for,
Without, hopelessness towers.

There's nothing left for me anymore,
The days and nights are so cold,
With life's thorns of such unworthiness,
Love's gone without you to hold.

Everything seems to have vanished now,
And I can't seem to control,
Why you deserted me not feeling,
How I'm lost clear through my soul.

How I long for a tiny glimmer,
Only a little blessed hope,
To see the blooms in essence filling,
My heart with the sweet to cope.

Oh once we had love just beautiful,
My soul weeps for those days,
All gone is our flowering of love,
But I will love you always.

I'll never come to understand why,
A love's beauty dies away,
Without warning it ceases to be,
All of a sudden one day.

Sondra McPherson
25 May 2008




Music: "I'll Always Love You"

Courtesy Of Midi Studio
Sequenced By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission


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