O Lord I lift up my eyes to Thee,
The Creator of all that I see,
Forgiver of sins and transgressions,
There’s not a day that You forget me.

I look to the Heavens for You wait,
Ever patient for Your child to call,
Reaching out with Your loving arms,
Holding me sweet Jesus lest I fall.

I see the clouds over head,
But I know You reach through,
Giving guidance that I need,
Keeping me e'er close to You.

Skyward is my desired focus,
Each day I strive to be more like You,
I am human and often fall short,
Yet Your wondrous Love remains true.

I lift my eyes yearning You to glimpse,
Wanting my Lord to see Your gentle face,
Praising Your Holy Name with each breath,
Beneath a mantle of Love's Blessed Grace.

Dearest Lord, please keep Your sights upon me,
If I stagger along the way,
Help me keep my feet solidly planted,
In my walk to Heaven's Gateway.

Thank You Savior for loving me,
Taking the time to hear me as I pray,
I adjure Thee for Divine wisdom,
Following Your footprints Heaven's way.

Gayle Davis©
18 February 2008