I may be surrounded in beauty,
Exquisite lace and roses,
But a life of love and passion lives,
In you and my supposes.

From the first moment you called on me,
I became your Juliet,
And you became my sweet Romeo,
Without feeling disquiet.

We have that kind of sweet undying,
Love that meets within our hearts,
Fulfilling both of us in a way,
That never ever departs.

I will be yours forever more and,
With honor I do promise,
To become your loving wife always,
Believing our love exists.

For with your love I will be happy,
Suffering long being kind,
And graceful under pressure for you,
In genteel ways so refined.

In sickness and health I will love you,
With hope and trust in all things,
Never giving up but praying God,
Blesses with healing He brings.

I will rejoice in God's goodness and,
Thank Him for giving me you,
To love and nurture the best I can,
Then we will always be too.

I will love you with all that's in me,
With desire that's fervent,
So tonight here is my heart to keep,
I'm yours pure and innocent.

You are love's beauty surrounding me,
Fulfilling my supposes,
For the finer things in life are you,
Your love and all the roses.

Sondra McPherson
04 June 2008






Tube by Icemaid
public domain artwork by  Harrison Fisher

Music: "Romeo and Juliet" Theme

Courtesy Of Midi Studio
Sequenced By: DON CARROLL
MIDI File Archives at The MIDI Consortium
Used With Permission

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