Darling, as the dawn begins to break in the sky
It's then with destiny I must ride
Not knowing if I'll ever return to you again
But that's something that only our God could decide

Wherever I go
Your love goes with me
And I'll stand the test
That Fate has chosen for me

But my heart I'll leave with you
So treat it tenderly and
Never let it go
My love will stay with you and
Give you strength until I come home
I'll keep your picture close to me and
Hold you in my dreams until I return
With your love inside of me I will not fail
This I know

If time were not a moving thing
Then I could stay with you
But we know that's not the case
I must go or we'll face disgrace
I would gladly face them all but
It's you who will pay the price
So I'll leave when morning comes
Even if I lose my life

My life I give for you without regret
Or even a second thought
Because your love means so much to me
Willing I'd pay the cost
I'll fight until the end
They'll lose and I'll return
I can't give in, if I do
They'll come for you

I want the world to know
Just how much I really love you
From the deepest part of me
A love beyond the end of time you're mine
Even though I'll leave
I can never let you go

The time has come
For me to be on my way
Just one more tender kiss and
One more soft embrace
I'll leave you with this
That I'll return and
I'll marry you
You'll become my bride

Then the world will know
Just how much you really mean to me
You'll be my wife and
Each day that love will give to us
And then you'll know
I could never let you go

Lyrics written by: Jerry Morris©
Music composed by: Jim Morris©






Music: "I Could Never Let You Gol"

Original lyrics and music
Lyrics written by: Jerry Morris©
Music composed by: Jim Morris©

Used With Permission
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