Shining in the sky,
The moon seems flying high.
Stars light up the sky,
And I have to sigh.
God is up above.
I am full of love.
I am thanking God
I am me.

Dog bays 'oer the hill.
Whispering whippoorwill.
He will sing until,
Fall is gone.
And I sing along,
Murmuring my song.
Thanking God
That I am me.

Mist lies on the ground,
Dew is all around,
Cricket noise abounds,
Such a joyful sound.
And I laugh out loud,
Feelin' mighty proud.
Thanking God
That I am me.

There's a shooting star,
I know it's going far.
Not a thing can mar
My joy tonight.
So, I shout my praise.
To God my song I raise.
Thanking Him
That I am me!

ŠJane Ellen Slone




Music: "Morfa Rhuddlan (The Marsh Of Rhuddlan)"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook (Welsh Tunes)
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Copyright By Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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