I've seen you in my dreams and wishes,
I've waited a lifetime through,
The eyes of love underneath the stars,
With you in the moonlight's view.

And you're waiting for me too hoping,
At long last we will be one,
Yes I've seen your eyes speaking volumes,
Close to me when day is done.

I've heard love songs playing to my heart,
Being held in your arms tight,
Wishing without end upon the stars,
My desire's filled tonight.

I feel your beating heart your breathing,
And you never look away,
You know exactly who you want while,
I'm here praying you will stay.

I've waited a lifetime for true love,
Seeing you in the foggy mists,
Feeling your presence getting closer,
To me finally to kiss.

I'm longing for you to now behold,
I've a passion on fire,
Only for you because you are mine,
Sent by God my desire.

Beneath the moon and stars I'm waiting,
With no love to keep me whole,
I feel in my heart I need you now,
Yearnings cry inside my soul.

I try not to be too restless yet,
There are days I'm so weary,
Life is whispering by me waiting,
Without a love I'm teary.

As a new day dawns without your love,
That hope still lives in my heart,
As my mind brings visions in focus,
Of true love to never part.

I've waited a lifetime through the eyes,
Of love underneath the stars,
Wishing for another who'll want me,
Who dreams to make love ours.

©Sondra McPherson
09 January 2008












Music: "Through The Eyes Of Love"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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