Bar One

I've been looking forward to this Spring,
To the simple joys that nature brings.
To red sunsets, and yellow moons,
With pale pink dawns, and sultry noons.

The calls of birds everywhere.
A feeling of laziness in the air.
Little frogs all seeking life,
Family harmonies, a lack of strife.

Chill mornings, full of dew,
Spring rains that make things new.
Red buds blooming on distant hills.
This is the way Spring-time feels.

I've been looking forward to this Spring,
I want to hear the whippoorwills sing.
To feel green grass beneath my toes,
Forgetting all of Winter's woes.

I see my Church shining so white
The sun pouring down a dazzling light.
People gathered at Church to pray,
Thanking God for another May.

The sound of hymns ringing in the air,
People singing, smiles they share.
Prayers raised to God above,
The Church and Earth surrounded with love.

I've been looking forward to this Spring,
Hearing the dinner bell's cheerful ring.
The crops being planted in the ground,
The world alive with a heavenly sound.

Birds returning to build their nests.
Knowing Spring time is the very best!
Calves frisking in the green fields,
Then rushing to mother cows for quick meals.

Today it may be chilly outside
In me I let the warmth abide.
And all the while, with joy, I sing
I've been looking forward to this Spring!

Jane Ellen Slone©
Revised 4/25/08



Music: "Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission

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