I only have a very small home,
But that is all I need.
A wood frame home not much to see,
But it is home to me.

I've been blessed beyond belief,
I have my children so sweet and kind,
A home town of the finest friends,
That you could ever find.

There is food on my table,
And clothes on my back,
A warm bed to sleep in,
And more than just a shack.

My house is like a museum,
With gifts my children brought.
Pictures from their school days,
And toys for them I bought.

But they are home at my house,
They're young but only once,
I want to enjoy them while they play,
As they grow and gain each ounce.

Some day they will be too big to hold,
I want my memories to last,
For some day they will grow up,
And that will come too fast.

Right now I live my life,
And take it day by day,
For today's the most important,
It mustn't waste away.

Faye Reyenga 3 / 1 / 2008



Music: "Memories Are Made Of This"

Used With Permission

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