Children can be the cruelest people in the world, to another
child, if the child is a bit 'different' or not dressed as they
are, or a hundred other things that they think is 'different'...
They taunt and tease them, and in general make life miserable
for them...I came across this image and it made me think on
those things...If we will admit it, everyone of us has been there,
one way or the other, or perhaps both...
It is sickening to me to treat another in such a way as to think
they are beneath you...And that is really what it's all about
with kids that do those things...

Frightened child with a dirty face,
Running wildly trying to escape,
Barbed remarks that hurt so deep,
A broken heart they mold and shape.

Close behind the bullies taunt,
Why don't they leave me alone,
Innocent yet the target again of,
Words, hurtful carelessly thrown.

A foot placed in a path of flight,
Crashing down; another scrape,
Sobbing uncontrollably with fear,
Knowing there's no route of escape.

Giggling echoes through the mind,
They have reached their daily goal,
Why do tears and wounds bring joy,
This tormenting is out of control.

My clothes are not name brand,
But second hand and shoes with holes,
Bring on this daily war of survival,
Yet they have chosen their roles.

A frightened child under siege,
A life ruined by those with more,
The tables turn as we grow,
Yet your plight I can't ignore.

Clothes come from a Mission store,
Food by the goodness of others,
God charges me with helping you,
I must share with my brother.

Tears again come to surface,
A willing heart does not replace,
Scars and memories of prior times,
While you sought to bring disgrace.

We will surely reap what we sow,
Along the rows of our life's field,
Kindness grows a bountiful harvest,
Taunting brings an empty yield.

You are in my prayers tonight,
You even creep into my daily thoughts,
The pain of remembering youth,
Brings no joy for the life you've wrought.

Gayle Davisİ








Top image is art by William Henry Knight 1890

Music: "Sorrow In My Heart"
Original Composition by
Christian Fox
Modern Midis Talking
Used With Permission

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