All the beauty in the world
Is not seen by the eyes
For the greatest beauty of all
Is that seen by the heart.

Within each of us
God placed incredible beauty.
Greater by far than on the outside
Is the beauty that in the heart resides.

Beauty of spirit in me and you
Is that of a heart tried and true
Overlooking faults
And seeing the good.

God says man looks on the outside
Where beauty of features is found
But He looks on the inner man
To find beauty that will forever stand.

Even the person who is blind
Can see beauty of the most precious kind
Seeing with their heart the beauty of the soul
More precious than gold.

You, my friend, so precious to me
Have not only beauty of face
But an inner beauty of peace and grace
Which is evident for all to see.

Jane Ward Smith
May 14, 2008


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Music: "Beautiful"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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