Deep in sorrow they went
To the grave of their dear Savior
But much to their surprise He was not there
For they found the grave bare.

An angel in raiment of white
Surrounded by an Holy Light
Greeted them with the good news
He is not here for He is risen and all is well
Go and tell.

With wonder and delight
They spread the good news,
Our Savior is not dead.
God has raised Him as He said.

For a while He lingered to let them know
When on the Cross the debt was paid
And in the grave He was laid.
That was not the end.

He arose just as He said He would
And ascended to the Throne
And though He is gone
He will return for His Own.

Go and tell the good news
That sin cannot hold you.
The price has been paid
So, believe and take your stand
For a home some day in Gloryland.

©Jane Ward Smith
March 15, 2008


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Music: "Were You There?"
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Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission


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