He Is The Christ Our Deliverer,
He Is Our Lord Who's Adored,
Beloved Son of God Our Rescuer,
Christ Jesus Our Risen Lord.

We Celebrate Easter as the Lord's,
Resurrection from His death,
The suffering He had on The Cross,
He took till His dying breath.

He was born to give His Love for us,
And He freely gave to all,
Willingly He gave His Love His Life,
Willingly He took our fall.

The sins of the world were placed on Him,
Jesus walked into that pain,
And became unrecognizable,
O The Sweet Lamb of God slain.

He is the Christ, The Son of God Whom,
The grave could not hold He Is,
The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords,
He Is the Victor He Lives.

Because of The Resurrection there,
Is ''New Life'' in Christ Jesus,
Because He Lives we Celebrate Him,
He Arose From The Grave Yes.

Jesus Arose Victoriously,
Over hell and that dark grave,
He Arose over sin and death just,
For us, He Arose To Save.

None of us could pay the penalty,
For our sins but Jesus would,
There's no other who'd ever take sin,
For only Jesus' Death could.

Because Jesus Lives we now have Life,
Eternal Life Is In Christ,
The Son of God Who came, gave His Love,
Our Salvation came High Priced.

Sondra McPherson
12 March 2008






Music: : "My Jesus, I Love You""

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