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I stand beside the waters,
Once a place of tranquility,
I hear your voice calling,
Beckoning e'er softly to me.
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The water ripples gently,
A slight wind stirs the leaves,
Inside my heart is aching,
Tears profuse in the breeze.
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We often came here together,
Uniting in soul; becoming one,
A love we cherished and treasured,
Standing beneath the setting sun.
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You picked wild flowers for me,
Always placing one over my ear,
I see shadows of memory dancing,
Oh how I wish you were here.
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Wading along the water's grassy edge,
Holding hands, laughing and sharing,
Sweet love of one another revealed,
Exchanging kisses with amorous daring.
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The memory shadows creep away,
Retreating to whence they came,
Leaving me to stand in silence,
But my heart calls out your name.

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I stand beside the waters,
Once a place where love shared with me,
The wind no longer whispers,
I'm but a puppet of memories.

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Gayle Davisİ
21 January 2008

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Women tube is courtesy of Kandyz,

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Music: "Alone On The Sea"
"Dolphins Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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