Lord I look unto the vastness,
From the mountain tops to the valley below,
Imbued with magnificent beauty,
From the Hands of the Master Painter doth flow.

Bright rays of sun warm the earth,
Drying the glistening morning's dew,
Earth's creatures stir in contentment,
Enjoying the day God made anew.

God provides for the flowers,
Sun and rain to help them grow,
Winds to scatter their seeds,
A new crop of plants to bestow.

Trees tall and majestic,
Surrounded by a rainbow of flowers,
A miracle of new life springs forth,
Filling the air with aromatic showers.

Lush carpets of grass cover the ground,
A cushioned bed for the baby fawn,
Tiny sprouts on plants tender and sweet,
In young animals hearty appetites spawn.

Birds in the trees hidden from view,
Tweedle alarms crisp and clear,
Beckoning to a flitting mate,
Warning of dangers lurking near.

Insects hopping along blades of grass,
Flying, darting about to and fro,
Hiding beneath leaves in camouflage,
Predators wondering; where did they go.

Night falls as the earth grows silent,
Nocturnal creatures begin to stir,
Crickets sing in a chirping rhythm,
Barn Owls swoop down in a blur.

Mice dart about through the bushes,
Snakes slither in search of prey,
Coyotes howl as the night wans,
Soon to be replaced by another day.

Thank you sweet Jesus,
For all the beauty I see,
And knowing You are here,
Keeping watch over me.

Gayle Davisİ
27 February 2008




Music: "Light Of The Heart"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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