The gift of love is precious and dear.
The heart of the giver makes it so
Because of their intent
Made sweet by sentiment.

A heart shaped box of candy , sweet
I see on display.
It strikes a cord of remembrance
On my heart strings, even today.

Vibrating a love song sweet and clear
Of you, my sweetheart of long ago.
Your love I held most dear
And though you are gone I still love you so.

Our love lives on in our sons
Whose image brings a hint of your face
And their continuing love warms my heart
Letting me know though you are gone
My love for you I still embrace.

Words gentle and kind
Spoken when you knew God was taking you home
Let me know love for me was on your mind
Wishing not to leave me alone.

The gift of your love
Was not wrapped in pretty paper with a bow
But was given from an overflowing heart
Faithful and constant never to waver
So my heart was safe in your keeping.
That I will always know.

Your love kept on giving
As long as you were living
And once you were gone
Sweet memories continued on
Filling my heart with wonder
It should be
That you loved me.

©Jane Ward Smith
February 9, 2008


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Copyright © by CrystalClearCreations2000/2003

Music: "Rommanza"
"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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