Have you ever heard someone say,
"My time goes by so fast?"
"Why it doesn't seem like no time,
“ 'Til another week has passed!"
They sometime say, "I wonder,”
“What the world is coming to, my Friend!"

I just make this solemn statement,
"It is coming to an end!"
You see, our world is a modern day Sodom,
And a duplicate of Noah's age!
God is getting ready to close the "Curtain of Time,"
Across the Gentile stage!

Time is literally running out, and it soon will be no more.
Man has only a short time to be saved,
Before God shuts "Mercy's door!"
Man is a hater of God. He only loves himself.
In many homes throughout our land,
The Bible gathers dust on a shelf!

Folks have time for pleasure,
And yet no time to pray!
Satan has their eyes blinded!
But, they must accept Christ today!
Many families are breaking up!
Parents are going their own way!

Children are left without guidance!
They will be the ones who'll pay!
Millions of babies have been murdered,
In our nation's abortion mills!
Any nation that forgets God will pay!
Very soon ours will!

Our streets are filled with violence!
"The love of many has waxed cold!"
People will sell their very soul,
For just a few ounces of gold!
There's wickedness in high places!
Our government is "out of control!"

Mighty men are falling around us!
Satan has ensnared their souls!
False prophets are now rising,
Across our troubled land!
They are saying that a "loving" God,
Would never destroy man!

"The Lord is delaying His coming,"
These wicked prophets cry!
"Just eat, drink, and be merry, “
“For tomorrow you may die!"
They promise you Heaven here on Earth,
No matter what you do!

But Friend, God demands a life of Holiness,
Or He will destroy you!
This world is headed for destruction!
There is no turning back!
Only the hand of a loving God,
Has thus far kept it on it's track!

Friend, we are all "judgment bound,"
For the deeds that we have done!
Our only means of salvation,
Is Jesus, God's only Son!
Evil men and seducers wax worse,
And worse as the days go by!

Men's hearts are failing them for fear!
Soon it will be time to die!
But, Christians need not fear the "End Time!"
We must watch the Eastern sky!
There Jesus will appear in all His glory!
Behold! His coming is nigh!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008











Music: "Fall Down Before The Lord"

Original Songs Of Tom Lasco
©Tom Lasco
Used With Permission

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