One morning I awakened to find,
I was living one sweet dream,
And I saw all things are possible,
In one whispering airstream.

I was dreaming of a beautiful,
Enchanting place I could be,
Yet all I could think of were castles,
And one handsome prince for me.

With my eyes closed I was releasing,
All my imagination,
Entering the doorway to the stars,
Divine illumination.

Exhilarating are the wonders,
And sweet tranquility fills,
Me quietly by a blue river,
Of peace in a world that thrills.

Far as I can see there are mighty,
Pyramids and mountains nigh,
Sitting alongside castles glowing,
With flashing stars way up high.

A world where the sky's filled with planets,
All kinds of stars and the moon,
Where the sun's never ending shine warms,
Me as I shiver and swoon.

Yes it is my dream world coming true,
My imaginary place,
With white castles softly giving light,
And visions of my love's face.

I even see shooting stars flying,
High in the sky for wishes,
And truly my heart is believing,
My happiness flourishes.

Elegant flowering blooms leave scents,
Everywhere in creation,
Wherever I look I sense sweet love,
All feelings of elation.

The doorway to the stars ringing true,
Happening or just being,
Depends all on your heart's hopes and dreams,
How much you wish you're seeing.

And if you dream that special person,
Believe as your own love too,
Along with the stars and moon and sun,
Your heart's desire is true.

©Sondra McPherson
31 December 2007