When I was growing up,
I had a wonderful dream.
I thought Iíd have my Mom and Dad,
And a life of peaches and cream.

Time changes things as we all know.
Things donít stay the same.
My Dad went off to war,
And never came home again.

I would dream when on vacation,
Standing on mountains high,
And think of the freedom we had,
And why he had to die.

Some never get to return home,
And enjoy the freedom they fight to keep,
But they will be remembered,
Though they may be fast asleep.

The family will sit at meal time,
With an empty seat at Daddyís place,
But though he wonít be sitting there,
We will always see his face.

He will always be with us,
If only in memory and dreams,
But life will change again,
A never ending thing.

Iíll have my own family some day,
And I might have to fight,
But for my family and freedom,
It only seems but right.

Remember those brave men and women,
And what they had to give,
That we in America still had freedom,
And a safe place yet to live.

Faye Reyenga © 3 / 22 / 2008




Music: "Since You're Gone"

Sequenced By: Redsal
© Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Used With Permission
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