I love to walk down country roads,
And see the wonders of the day.
The winding paths from shaded trees,
Gathering wild flowers on the way.

Country life is always special,
When it rains and smells of fresh clean earth,
The sunny days when summer's here,
And nature brings all new birth.

It's always so spectacular,
When the sun sets in the west,
The day has ended and you know,
You've given it your best.

I can remember a tiny road,
That lead to Auntie's house,
A dusty sandy road,
But it was Auntie's path.

She walked it for many years,
As she lived there all her life.
Raising kids and making home made biscuits,
She was such a lovely wife.

Her family was her everything,
And gold or silver she had none,
But when the day was ended,
The love of all she'd won.

Faye Reyenga 3 / 8 / 2008


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Music: "Welcome To My World"

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