Sometime I think of bygone days,
That were more gentle and kind.
It's then that memories come along,
And gradually fill my mind.

Friend, won't you come along with me,
In a stroll down "memory lane?"
I have a feeling that some of our memories,
Will be much the same.

I remember as a child,
A dear old Uncle of mine.
He sure knew how to treat a kid.
He was so good and kind.

I remember going to my Grandparent's house,
And spending a week.
I'd dig worms and go fishing in Johnson creek.
Grandma would always have the same wish.

She'd want me to catch a big Catfish.
Grandma had lots of love to share.
She would make me feel so wanted there!
That was very important and I'll never forget.

Yes Friend, I remember yet!
I remember walking barefoot down a country road,
Stopping to pick up a toad,
Crawling under Grandma's house to gather eggs,
Pulling off a grasshopper's legs.

Using a jar to catch wasps, bees,
And even a snake!
I remember eating green apples,
And getting a bellyache!

We took Grandma into Maysville,
And hauled groceries home in our automobile.
On the way home me and Grandma would eat ,
A delicious jar of pickled pig's feet!

At home, I would walk over the hill,
And down in the holler where the creek was still.
I'd raise up a rock and catch an old "crawdad,
And wade in the creek. What a time I had!

I remember missing the school bus,
And walking for miles.
Back then clothes were bought for necessity,
And not for style!

I was usually the youngest kid in my class.
Teachers then didn't allow you to sass!
We said the Lord's Prayer to start our day.
We had no qualms about having to pray!

Nothing was said against praying in school,
And teachers believed in the "Golden Rule!"
The Ten Commandments were a pattern to go by.
We were taught not to steal or lie!

Once we walked in the drifting snow,
Because our old car just wouldn't go!
I wanted to cry like the women folk had,
But this little man wanted to impress his Dad!

I remember happy times,
Playing with some cousins of mine.
We'd take a swing on a strong grapevine.
We would yell and scream like old Tarzan.

We really thought he was quite a man!
I remember fishing with my Dad one day.
I caught the one that usually gets away!
I was the happiest boy around,
When Dad said the fish weighed about four pounds!

I remember Mommy's cooking.
Mmm! How good it would taste!
We were always taught,
That it was a sin to waste!

She would bake Brown Sugar Pies,
Maybe two or three.
Then, she'd make several little puddings,
For my sister and me!

Mommy has been a greater influence,
On my life than any other.
No man in shoe leather,
Has a better Mother!

She taught me about Jesus,
And how He died on a Cross,
And how He came to seek and save,
Those who were lost!
I now serve my Mother's God too.
If He saved me Friend, He can save you!

Robert F. Dotson 2008




Music: "Reverie"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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