Change, the one thing we all are prone to resist,
Often comes about through opportunities missed!
And, there are times when we aren't to blame.
Yet changes happen just the same.

Change is more difficult as we get older it seems.
It is often enough to shatter our dreams.
However, we welcome a change that is for the good,
And seem to appreciate it as we should!

"Winds of change" can sometimes seem ill!
Then, we must pray, "Father if it be Thy will!"
Folks often enjoy a "change of pace,"
Or an opportunity to move to a different place!

Changes in the weather that are often told,
Make some folks too hot and others too cold!
There are changes in fashion every once in a while,
And the way folks dress is enough to make me smile!

Sometimes there are changes in our Nationís Laws,
Which are for an unjust cause.
Friend, it was a dark day across our land,
When abortion was declared legal,
And performed upon on demand.

Ah, there is a Scripture I like a lot,
That says the Lord is our God and He changes not!
Friend, I certainly do not feel that it is strange,
To serve a God Who does not change!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008










Music: : "What a Mighty God We Serve"

Quality Christian Midis
Used With Permission

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