Image By Dark Blue Knight

Image By Dark Blue Knight

I love just staying inside Father's house.
It is so nice and warm!
But, my Christian duty demands,
I be outside in the storm.

I enjoy being at God's bountiful table to eat,
Later, I spend some time resting at Jesus' feet!
But, being one of His "Blood bought,"
I know a war is raging and must be fought!

So, girding on my armor I step outside,
And I am immediately struck by an arrow of pride.
I feel my knees buckle and am about to stumble,
But, I pray and this experience makes me humble!

I stand upright and wade into the battle's heat,
And I am surprised to find satan's forces in retreat!
But, as I continue to look I am disgusted,
For I have always known satan cannot be trusted!

It comes as no surprise to find,
Satan causing evil thoughts to bombard my mind!
You see, I'm tempted to speak an unkind word,
Or to repeat some juicy gossip I have heard!

Satan will try in one way or the other,
To put enmity between me and a Sister or Brother,
What started as a trickle becomes a flood,
But, Jesus quickly covers my mind with his Blood!

I thank God as I hear satan's departing growl!
However, I know he will always be on the prowl.
I'm ecstatic as he turns his back to me,
And joyful as I watch him flee!
But, my experience fighting satan has made me aware,
That he's just gone to "lay yet another snare!"

Robert F. Dotson 2008





Music: "Cleanse Me"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music