Amazing Grace
Oh how sweet the sound
That saved, saved a wretch like me
Oh I once was lost
Oh but now, now am found
I was blind oh but now I can see

It was Grace that taught my heart, my heart to fear but
Then it was Grace, Grace that set this old heart free
And it was Grace that brought, brought me safely, safely home
The hour that I first, first believed

These words were written down by a slave master.
Captain of a boat that was bringing
slaves from their motherland to be sold and
actually separated to different parts of the world.

Under the evening stars he became a Christian.
He'd seen suffering, the human indignity,
pain and death of his fellow men and woman and children.
And he became a slave master no more.

Throughout the ages these words have been used
to comfort those in death and those seeking to be saved.
Someday we'll walk in peace with no pain.

When we, when we been here, for ten thousand years
Shining bright as the morning, the morning sun, oh yeah
Ah there'll be no, no less days to sing God's praise
Than when, when we first, first begun

Oh Amazing Amazing Grace
How sweet, sweet the sound
That saved, saved a wretch, wretch like me
Oh and someday we'll see
The light of God's Grace
And pain, pain will be..... no more

We'll walk in peace then

Performed by Jerry Morris















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Music: "Amazing Grace"

ŠJerry Morris
Performed By: Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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