It was a bitter cold day, and the snow covered
Everything with a pure, white mantle.
The sky had become clear; sea blue,
And the air bit my cheeks, watered my eyes.

I carried an ax in one hand
The other buried in my collie's fur,
My hat pulled low over my ears,
Breath showing in a mist of white.

Going to our small farm pond
I set to work cracking ice for the cattle.
A dozen holes made all around,
The sound of ax on ice sharp and clear.

My collie walked on padded feet
Over the white, virgin, snow
And left his prints beside the 'coon and deer,
His nose sniffing at their tracks.

All the holes were open now,
Muddy water bubbling up.
I wiped my brow with snow covered mitten
Eyes squinting as sun hit snow.

The day was so perfect and beautiful,
Birds singing as they flew.
The snow seemed to sparkle as diamonds,
And it covered the bare trees on the hills.

I shouldered my ax for the trek back home
My collie again at my side.
The snow crunched under my big, clumsy boots
As I made new tracks in the snow.

I was about down the hill
When I heard the clear sound of geese calling
I waited and watched, my heart beating fast
Until they at last appeared.

A whole flock of wild geese
And they flew over my head.
Their leader calling in guard.
I felt my heart stir with joy, feeling God's presence.

I can still remember that day
As if it were happening now.
Recall the snow's beauty and the geese calls,
The way my heart flew.

Winter time has come again
With its snow and wind and ice.
I still recall that other winter day.
Memories sharp and clear to stir my heart.

Jane Ellen Slone
Revised 12-28-07

Music: "Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind Dew"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook (English Tunes)
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Copyright By Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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