Let us think on this, a moment
Yes, Just you. . . And I
To understand the meaning in it
About, the where and the why

God said we’d be. . . Changed
In a twinkling of the eye
Its already been arranged
We will meet Him, in the sky

Some people will be plowing fields
While others . . . Lay in bed
We Christians must keep a watch
For it is true, what God said

We’ll be gathered up, in the air
On that great and glorious day
When Jesus comes for His bride
To “Heaven” He’ll carry us away

The ones who are left behind
Will gnash their teeth and groan
Not listening, they were blind
Now so regretful, as they moan

Lets be sure to think upon this
And always. . .To follow the Lord
So the “Rapture” we won’t miss
To lose our soul, we can’t afford

Lets keep our lights, shining bright
For the time shall soon be near
To behold . . . That wonderful sight
As we are called to meet in the air!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2008








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Music: "Come, Lord Jesus, Come"

Words by Larry A. Hamblen;
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Copyright © 1998 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
Used With Permission

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