I got another letter today,
From down Kentucky way!
Who it was from wasn't hard to tell!
I knew the handwriting very well!

For over a quarter of a century now,
Through good and bad times somehow,
My Mother has so faithfully,
Most every week written to me.

"Dear Loved ones," the letters start.
Then, she begins to "pour out her heart."
Each letter will contain family news,
And pertinent religious views!

She writes about how good Christ has been,
He who forgave all of her sins!
Sometimes she will quote word for word,
Lines from a gospel song we've heard!

She always "encourages me in the Lord,"
As we both press forward toward our reward!
I love hearing from Mom and there are times when,
I read her letter all over again.

If Mom doesn't get my letter she will call,
So we can reassure her it's delayed, that's all!
Sometimes the mailman "gets his wires crossed,"
And Mom's letter seems to be lost.

But, it just turns out to be a mishandled letter,
And when it finally comes, I feel much better!
So, once more under Heaven's vast dome,
I've received a letter from Mom and home!

Robert F. Dotson 1994


Music: "Precious Memories"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music

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