Awoke this morning with the sun shining bright.
Lifting my voice in praise
With a song in my heart
For the glory of my Lord at the start
Of a new day so wondrously bright.

So many blessings I see
Each and every day
Filling my heart with songs of praise
To God in the heavens above
Reaching down with everlasting love
For you and me.

I sing a sweet refrain
For precious rain
That came once again
Sinking into the parched earth
Taking away the thirst
To bring life anew.

As the cool winds blew
Once again I knew
The blessing of comfort
From the blistering Summer heat
And realize all our needs He will meet.

I hear the birds awakening in the morn
Twitterin' softly to their new born
As sweet perfume of the Gardenia and Rose
Waft through the air
And wonderment fills my soul
At the beauty I behold.

Keeping in touch with loved ones far away
To share love in some special way
And finding they are alright
Lifts my heart in song of pure delight
For a loving God who makes all things right.

From the beginning to the end
Of this wonderful day
I feel joy flood my being
At the love of friends I am seeing
Through the messages they send
And the moments we share along the way.

So, I will keep a song in my heart
Knowing precious love I feel
For life itself so precious and dear
And living is sweet as can be
Because I will never be alone
For my Savior always walks with me.

ŠJane Ward Smith
June 14, 2008


Music: "Hymn Sing"

Used With Permission
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