When Jesus took young children upon His knee,
To the multitude it was plain to see,
That the "Man of Galilee,"
Was a Friend of the Family!

Jesus stopped a funeral procession one day.
Upon the funeral bier a young man lay.
Folks thereabouts had heard so many say,
"Jesus is a Friend of the Family!"

So, as Jesus reached out His hand,
Death heard the Master's command,
And the young man,
Immediately arose to stand,

Before the Friend of the Family!
Lazarus, Jesus' friend was about to die.
"Lord, come quickly,"
Was Mary and Martha's cry.

But, then several days passed by,
Without a word from the Friend of the Family.
Then, suddenly Jesus came down the road,
And stopped at Lazarus' Bethany abode!

Quickly Martha and Mary strode,
Out to meet the Friend of the Family.
Waiting momentarily for her sobbing to subside,
Martha pitifully cried,

"Had You been here,”
“My brother wouldn't have died,"
"Dear Friend of the Family!"
As Jesus proceeded to Lazarus tomb,

The mood that day was totally gloom.
But, the crowd parted to make room,
For the Friend of the Family.
Weeping as He went, Jesus walked about.

Then the multitude heard a victorious shout,
"Brother Lazarus, come on out,"
And greet the Friend of the Family!"
Friend, I was just like Lazarus.

But, I was spiritually dead.
In trespasses and sins I was over my head.
But, then one day Jesus said,
"I'm a Friend of the Family!"

So I asked Him to turn my life around.
Now with His help I'm spiritually sound!
I'll be eternally grateful for the moment I found,
This Friend of the Family!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008













Music: "Home"

Sequenced By: Robert Jones
Used With Permission

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