We all could use one
From time to time, I'm sure
Counting your many blessings
Is the perfect cure

I have days on the pity pot
When I feel so down
Then I think of God
And it erases the frown

We can chose what we feel
How we deal with things
God gave us free will
That's why our mind swings

If you're having a down day
Make yourself a long list
Of all your blessings from God
And you'll see you weren't missed

We all get blessings daily
Some we chose not to see
We need to look a bit harder
How lucky can we be?

We are His precious children
He loves us to our very core
Just accept Him, Believe in Him
Expect your blessings and Receive them
God couldn't love you more!

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas