Back when growing up as a Child
Everything was larger,
Taller, longer and wider.
This is how my little eyes saw...

One thing I remember quite well
A huge yard big and wide
Surrounding a big white house
With trees on every side.

On Saturday bright and early
An all day task began.
We had to sweep this big yard
A big job for the clan.

The brush brooms were all ready
Many times these would aid.
When they could be no longer used
Then all new brooms were made.

We went into the woods
And cut limbs from small trees
Then tying several together
Made brush brooms out of these.

They were made from special limbs
And had to be just right
So that when you were sweeping
It would sweep everything in sight.

The day seemed to last forever.
Mom was right there with us,
Keeping us from playing around
And making a lot of fuss.

The best part was looking around
At a big yard nice and clean
Where the brush brooms had swept
And marks in the yard were seen.

Years later going back to see
The place looked so small.
It was not so large anymore
Little eyes saw big after all.

©Codell Reed Donehoo









Music: "Memories"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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