An Hour With You~*~Where Roses Never Fade~*~

I want to go to a city where roses never fade
With streets of gold engraved in names are made,
Where never ending seas of life flows all seasons
In God's promise land of harmony for eternal reasons.

I want to go to a paradise where it never rains
Where still waters of life will be conqueror of pains,
With God's love showering golden rays of eternity
Unlocking all awaiting souls to be finally set free.

I want to go to a land where we never grow old
Where beauty of soul like a rose will eventually unfold,
With time of eternity forever standing quite still
Forever living in spirit according to Our Lord's will.

I want to go to a mansion high in the heavens above
To live forever with loved ones in God's house of love,
I'll pray for guidance thanking Jesus for salvation paid
Until my soul arrives to where roses never fade.

Mary Jane Balthaza©
Copyright ©2007


Music: I Must Go Down That Long Road Again"

©Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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