He gives me strength to face each day,
He strengthens me when I am down,
He gives me courage to face the unknown,
He gives me peace, so I am not alone.

He gives me the love I need each day,
He gives me peace, so I will never stray,
He gives me grace and strength to try,
He takes away my fears, when I wonder why.

He saved me from the bondage of sin,
He came to my heart and I let Him in,
He lives there daily by my side,
He dries the tears I always cry.

He gives me hope and an inward life,
He keeps me away from the toils and strife,
He promised me eternity in heaven on high,
He went to Calvary, there to die.

So what does Jesus you ask, do for me,
He saved my soul and He set me free,
Of all my trials He's been there to,
And He will do the same thing for you.

Ann HartŠ
May 6, 2004













Music: "We Give You All the Glory"
Quality Christian Midis
Used With Permission

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