We talk to our friends about our problems
About our children, squabbles, if we're unhappy
About our disagreements with our spouse
When our life feels downright crappie

I wonder if we've ever thought about what
Our friend needs most of all, have we asked
I'm sure if we did, they might tell us
What we hear might leave us feeling aghast

Try telling your friends about Salvation
That is the very best thing you can ever do
Some might not respond real well
Some might even bid you adieu

Don't worry about the ones who aren't interested
There are many more who will pay attention
Many who are crying for help in their lives
And want to hear about Christ's ascension

You may be the only one who will tell them
About how Jesus died on the cross for us
Many people fear talking about this subject
Some fearing it may cause their friend distress

Quite the opposite, my Christian friend
Telling your family and friends about Salvation
can only heighten their interest and curiosity
And help them build a stronger foundation

If you saw a person in an accident, you'd help
Well, we need help daily in our lives
In order to make it to heaven one day
We need Jesus Christ in order to survive

Make it a point to tell some one daily
Even if it is on the world wide net
There are so many people who need to hear
Most of them you have never even met

Open your heart and mouth and give it a try
Ask our Heavenly Father to guide you
You will feel so good knowing you tried
Spreading the Word of God is long overdue

Delilah M. Dede Haas©



Music: "That Old Rugged Cross"

 Performed By:  Jerry Morris
©Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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