I love to watch the twinkling lights
make wishes 'pon them ev'ry night

Then wonder if the skies of blue
are your big eyes, peeking through

I see the moon with awesome glow
just like your smile, in days of old

Why can't I reach those puffy clouds?
or dance with shadows 'pon the ground?

Loneliness enwraps my soul
time stands still, I miss you so

When springtime flowers start to bloom
a scent of Old Spice fills the room

I miss your jokes, 'n gentle ways
sandy beaches, yesterdays

Your tender heart, the boyish grin
gosh, I miss your everything

Summer days 'n butterflies
fluttered thoughts of days gone by

Stars gather close then disappear
thunder roars, causes fear

I long to see your face once more
'n have you knocking on my door

Autumn leaves waltz cross the ground
wind echoes with a haunting sound

Wish so much to bring you back
to hide my heartache, wear a mask

Sit in wait, hope phone will ring
heart still aches with lasting sting

I watch as clouds go drifting by
search 'n search with tearstained eyes

Winter with its bitter wrath
heart grows weary, leapfrogs back

Seasons come then slip away
mem'ries linger, come out to play

Wish I may with all my might
to get a sign, one ray of light

At once I see a shooting star
my Angel watching from afar?

Can I make but one more wish?
I close my eyes 'n blow a kiss

If you catch it, I'll surely know
God's twinkling lights will tell me so

2007 Rose Marie Streeter (all rights reserved)






Music: "The Keeper Of The Stars"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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